List of 16 NFT – Upcoming NFT Drops, New NFT Events, NFT Projects & NFT Calendar

List of 16 NFT – Upcoming NFT Drops, New NFT Events, NFT Projects & NFT Calendar

Shiba Social Club Nft

The Shiba Social Club is an Elite club for the baddest of the Shiba. Our NFT collection has 7,777 unique hand-drawn Shiba with the best detail in the industry. Our members gain access to our metaverse game and land in the Sandbox. We have hosted many holders only poker games with one totaling over $20k in prize money.

Meta Billionaire Nft

Clever Girls Nft

Clever Girls is a bold and vibrant NFT collection featuring 5555 unique raptor avatars, algorithmically generated using over 200 hand drawn assets created by Fat Baby NFT. Hidden among the collection are 9 Legendary items, custom-arranged to feature ‘impossible’ trait combinations.

Fishbowl Heads Nft

Fishbowl Heads is a collection of 1500 super cute aquatic themed digital NFT collectibles, swimming on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the Fishbowl Heads …

Presale Mint Price: 0.03 to 0.0369 ETH + Gas

Public Sale Date: 02nd November 2021

Public Mint Price: 0.0369 ETH + Gas

Presale Date: 29th October 2021

Political Punks Nft

Political Punks is a collection of 500 hand-drawn NFT’s showcasing some of your least favorite and favorite politicians, people of great power, celebrities, and criminals. Collect them because you hate them, or collect them because you love them.

Stake your Political Punk for $PUNK, and garner passive income!

Political Punks will be a key integration into PunkaVerse, an online game where you will be able to play and interact with your punks estimated real-world net worth and special skills.

Own a Political Punk and rule your own world.

Kindergarten Baby Apes Nft

The story of KBA begins with the parents leaving their children, to a place where friendship, learning and childish games take place – The Kindergarten. The project will not only make a difference in the digital space… We are working to make an impact in the real world by building schools for children in need. We have already funded building TWO schools and are aiming for even more!

Whale Game Nft

A refined, highly efficient minigame with additional outside utility and the embarkment into an entirely new fully decentralized P2E metaverse experience. In the deep blue sea in the miniverse, a battle is occurring that has existed since the dawn of man. In a small fishing village located on the edge of Ghana Kit, Fishermen spend their days tossing out nets in hope of making a good haul of KRILL. The great unknown of the ocean comes with risk’\s, with one of them being the Whales. Capable of devouring 8,000lbs of KRILL each day, there’s no surprise the fishermen are worried about their precious honey hole running dry.

The village makes their living by taking their KRILL to the local market. The more KRILL, the more Fishermen they can afford to send out on the ocean. It’s not always a smooth ship sailing as the 300,000lb Whales do whatever they want without any repercussions.

M101 Nft

The M101 Shelter is a NFT collection of generative side-profile characters with over 400 hand-drawn attributes and more than 2100 color schemes, which are ready to warp through Galaxy!

M101 Metaverse includes: a unique Story that keeps unfolding, several Limited NFT collections, and Sandbox-based M101 space development.

Check out Roadmap to find out about long-term plans and Spacenomics for the list of holder’s bonuses.

Blankface Nft

BlankFace is a 3D digital collection of 10,000 unique NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The BlankFace project aims to focus on mental health awareness via donations to mental health programs, mental health chatrooms in Discord, and general mental health awareness and education. 1% of all secondary sales will go directly to mental health programs as well.

BlankFace as an NFT will offer many perks to holders including, but not limited to, airdrops, derivatives, collabs, the streetwear brand, and of course an awesome profile picture!

Super Yeti Nft

SuperYeti is a 3D collection of randomized characters created through a standard ERC-721 contract and backed by IPFS file storage and registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. Future implementation of a multiplayer, play-to-earn game where SuperYetis own land, breed and compete with one another to protect the Yetiverse.

Fancy Bears Nft  good

8888 Bears eating $HONEY and chilling in our Metaverse club

$HONEY is the dawn of the NFT 2.0 era. NFT 2.0 combines ERC721 and ERC20, Gaming, and DeFi.

Fancy Bears are not only a PFP project with remarkable artwork, but also an avant garde of the whole non-fungible space. Get ready for the next Phase of our Big Plan!

Moody Crows Nft

Moody Krows is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated Moody Krow NFTs on Immutable, a Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain. We are the FIRST PFP collectible on the IMX platform. This means you can use your regular MetaMask wallet and ETH with NO GAS FEES. These 10,000 Moody Krows are an expressive collectible avatar made for our Krowmunity! Not only are our Moody Krows incredibly stylish, fun, and imaginative, but they are also for a good cause.

Boss Baby Nft

Baby Boss S3L Club, is a collection of 3990 + 9 collaboration 1/1 art super adorable pixelated baby NFT’s that were born on the Ethereum blockchain.

Own, play, earn and connect with the community from all over the world where we envision to create a place without boundless communication regardless of our differences.

We want to represent a healthy and positive vibes community and build a long lasting presence in the metaverse.

Bad Kids Alley Nft

Bad Kids Alley is a collection of 8,888 uniquely generated Bad Kids who are roaming the back alleys of the ETH blockchain. Designed by Unstable Kido, a nationally renowned Korean artist, is building a brand and movement that will take him to the world stage. Our world distinguished team is dedicated to branching the Bad Kids Alley brand outside of the nft world and is diving into the possibility of gaming and in-Game tokenomics.

King Frog Nft

The pond is fun but we noticed that the Ducks were getting lonely. Then one sunny day, a KingFrog appeared in every SupDuck holders Bungalow and Ducks were lonely no more!

KingFrog’s didn’t just bring the Ducks friendship but gifted holders with the ultimate utility – the ability to utilize their $VOLT tokens, to eat Snacks, evolve and more!

Baby Ghost Nft

When a wraith daddy and a banshee mommy love each other very much, something magical happens. Out of the cabbage patch next to the graveyard rises a brand new generation of revenants! At pre-K, Baby Ghosts make friends and discover the world, until one day, the whole daycare is exorcised and all Baby Ghosts are released!

Now lost spirits and spread to the wind, Baby Ghosts are free to haunt throughout the Earth.